Check-in Requirement
A valid government issued photo identification is required at check-in. Acceptable forms include a driver?s license and/or passport.
Guests must be 18 years or older to check in.

Room Requests
Specific room request are considered, but cannot be guaranteed. Please make your requests at the time of booking.

Extra Beds/ Extra Guests
The hotel charges $45 for additional guest whenever standard occupancy is exceeded. Extra beds for children under 12 years old are available for an additional US$20.00 per night.

Check-in starts at 3pm and check out time is12 noon. A late check out by or before 5 pm will attract a US$50.00 charge for a One Bedroom Suite and US$70.00 for the Two Bedroom

Cancellation Policy
Reductions in the length of stay, cancellations or where less than 5 days? notice is given are subject to a one night penalty. All reservations held without payment are considered tentative and might be cancelled with or without notice if no payment is received before the date of arrival.

Group Cancellation Policy
Some group bookings may have a more restrictive cancellation policy. This will be discussed at the time of booking.

Payment in full for the entire stay is required at check in. We accept cash, credit cards and debit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER) at the front desk.

Incidental Deposit Policy
An incidental deposit  of US$100.00 will be required at check in. This will be held on a credit card. Any incidental charges will be charged directly to the guest upon discovery of any damages done to property by guest or visitors upon check out. This includes phone calls, laundry, smoking damages, or missing hotel items.

Pet Policy
Pets are not allowed on this property. A fee of US$200.00 will be charged for violation of this policy.

Smoking Policy
All guest rooms and public spaces are 100% smoke-free. A US$100 deep cleaning fee will be charged to any guest who violates the smoking policy.

Safety Boxes
In room safes are available at an additional cost of US$3.00 per night.

Children Fee
There is a charge of US$10.00 per night for each child 4-12 years old.

Beach Passes
Registered guests are entitled to Doctors Cave Beach Passes. Guests who book for a minimum of two nights will be entitled to 1 beach pass every other day. For example,  a guest who stays for 2 nights will receive 1 beach pass. A guest who stays 4 nights will receive 2 beach passes.